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Wh-where's the pizza?

Well hiyaaa dear ones! I'm pretty much your average dork that possesses a very fragile and unstable heart when it comes to ereri. Please enjoy your stay <333

Rowan ● 17 ● Scotland

Current addiction: SNK and Free!

My life literally revolves around my otp...

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Task of the week: practicing male bodies and NSFW scenes with EreRi. Pic from last night. 


A Bioshock Infinite / SNK crossover. It’s a messy bunch of spoilers if you haven’t played the game or read the manga, ahah!
Titan!Eren as the Songbird. Erwin and “fem!Erwin” as the Luteces. Mikasa as Elizabeth. Levi as Booker (I used a cosplay photo as a ref but I can’t find the cosplayer. If you recognize yourself here, just contact me and I’ll credit you!).

More BSI/SNK to come..?

… It’s a matter of constant and variables.


Having very serious conversations about fictional universes is one of my favorite things to do.