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Wh-where's the pizza?

Well hiyaaa dear ones! I'm pretty much your average dork that possesses a very fragile and unstable heart when it comes to ereri. Please enjoy your stay <333

Rowan ● 17 ● Scotland

Current addiction: SNK and Free!

My life literally revolves around my otp...

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リヴァイ・アッカーマン_my illustration;

My 2nd to draw Levi Ackerman, he is my top fav anime character forever!
Waiting for December “A Choice With No Regrets” ^^


I needed a gloomy Levi in the shower and I made a gloomy Levi in the shower don’t judge me ok? :D


Eren barefoot and in jeans
Eren Jaeger in a suit
Eren in just a big t shirt
Eren in a maid costume
Eren in a nurse costume
Eren in leggings
Eren in thigh highs
Eren in thigh highs and garters
Eren in glasses
Eren in an oversized sweater


(Source: jaegerween)


joke on levi’s height

im so lame ahaha (please excuse the swearing in the comic)

my lame jokes ahaha