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Well hiyaaa dear ones! I'm pretty much your average dork that possesses a very fragile and unstable heart when it comes to ereri. Please enjoy your stay <333

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My life literally revolves around my otp...

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I finally drew some ereri~ *claps alone*

Even though Jean/Armin are my precious bbies, I DO like some Eren/Levi


Although drawn like above, I picture them more like this:



HMS Wedding Selfie WIP!

I remembered i still hadn’t finished HMS so i went ahead and did and… sh*t so many tears threatened to fall! and imagining them finally getting married and being happy and just seeing (more like imagining) Eren feeling infinitely better was just too much for my emotions OvO

so I pictured this scenario, although the fic didn’t mention any selfies, but heeyyyyy Levi is smiling!!! And Eren is happily surprised and blushing and just in love, so yeahhh I’ll shut up after just saying that this was one of the most beautiful fanfics I’ve ever read and yes, thank you author for being awesome!


That isn’t titan blood 8D

alemanriq : Levihan #6

Hanji is my babe, and this might be my otp but I couldn’t care less about Levi…except when I can make fun of him, the clean freak moron~ Ale-chan knows what I mean 8D


so you threw the rifle into the tree and tried to knock it loose with your bag, which then also got stuck in the tree.

good job, eren. real good job.